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We at Bistro 70 are very conscious about the nutritional needs in our recipes. We always try to provide the essential daily nutrition in every meal. We use fresh produce and healthy breads and salads. The Bistro 70 menu has some great options for the customer who's trying to watch their waistline. To start your meal, skip the calories and fat heavy starters and instead go with our salad choices or broth based soup. For main dishes stick with grilled goodies without extra toppings and add healthy sides like fresh mushrooms, tomato and mozzarella salad, or fresh spinach. In the mornings, you may skip the muffins and pastries and grab a hearty bowl of Oatmeal. Not an oatmeal fan? Try our fresh fruit Granola Parfait, Seasonal Fruit Cup, or any of our Grab & Go Healthy choices.

Think Thin & Veg Out

With our choice of salads on the menu, it’s easy to get your veggies at Bistro 70. Most of our salads are around 500 calories, so munch on! If it’s gotta be a sandwich, try our 7-grain bread with a salad.

The wellness and nutritional needs of each individual is different and is dependent on their body.

Dietary Guidelines provided by the US Dept. of Agriculture and the Institute of Medicine. Please note that these are the values you should be reaching every day, they are a not maximum numbers that you should be avoiding! These numbers apply to the average American college student. Most athletes, especially endurance athletes, need to be eating significantly more than this and should be consulting trainers and sports nutritionists about exact dietary needs.


Individuals with medical conditions such as diabetes should consult with a physician or nutritionist about their daily nutritional needs.